5 Blogging mistakes slowing you down


blogging mistakes

Blogging can be fun and fulfilling, but it also needs time and commitment.Unfortunately, many bloggers make certain blogging mistakes that can throw their blogging efforts in the air or at best slow their progress.

That said, here are  5 of the most common blogging mistakes


Blogging mistake #1 not having clear goals

If you write randomly without a specific focus you will not make it in the blogging world. Your audience is mostly interested in a certain category and they are following you because you give them the specific information they need in that area. But if they cannot link between your different blog posts and cannot see the relationship they will get confused and you will lose them as an audience. Stick to your goals and follow a specific blogging strategy that has a clear focus to establish yourself as an authority in your area.

Blogging mistake #2: following the next shiny thing

This is a common online marketing problem, not just a blogging problem. Every day you read about new techniques and tricks. Every new online guru recommends his special sauce. If you keep hopping around from technique to technique you will not build consistency and momentum. What’s worse you will not establish your online personality and voice, two key aspects for online success. Stick to basics and be consistent.

Blogging mistake #3: Too much focus on the numbers

Numbers are important because they help you evaluate your progress and measure your achievement. Such numbers as subscriber’s, social followers, page views, unique visitors can be very insightful. But it’s not everything.

There are many bloggers with huge traffic and subscribers who are not getting the best out of their blogs. Their numbers are not helping them achieve their business goals.

Time and time again, the blogging world proves that relationships are the most important parameter for measuring blog success.

If your audience doesn’t feel the human side of your blog. If they cannot connect with you on the human level, the blogging just loses its edge. Blogs started as personal platforms. The early blogs were online diaries. People grew to expect this human element even from business blogs. Human Relationships and two-way communication will beat numbers every time.

Blogging mistake #4: You’re NOT building your email list

This is a common mistake. Most bloggers are too focused on producing content that they sometimes forget the ultimate goal of their blogs, the fan base, the list.

Sure producing quality content that is valuable to your audience is key, but lists will not build themselves. You have to set up the structures and systems to collect emails and you have to nurture the list to keep it growing. You have to maintain the relationship.

Blogging mistake # 5 stiff writing

People read blogs to interact with people. So, if your blog sounds like a newspaper or a company report most will not enjoy it. Keep it personal. Keep the human touch. Use some contractions. Sprinkle some fun and above all, avoid jargon.

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