How business blogging can help your business



business blogging

Business blogging is becoming an essential pillar of the marketing mix. That’s why it should be well thought out, planned and executed. The haphazard effort won’t do it. Strategic, informative, customer focused articles are the starting point.

Here are 5 ways blogging can help your business

Draw new customer to your website

Nowadays, before any purchase decision, customers start with an online research for information. They are more likely to be drawn to informative, engaging advice on the subject of their search. When you give them that content on your website, they are more likely to contact you for more advice, a trial offer or a purchase. Continue reading “How business blogging can help your business”


8 Business blogging tips to turn your business blog into a marketing magnet


Business blogging content magnet

Business blogging is different from personal blogging. While a personal blogger can get away with more freedom and self-expression, you as a business blogger have to follow certain blogging best practices to get the best return on your blogging investment.

Some of these business blogging tips help your blog rank higher on search engines, i.e. they help with your search engine optimization (SEO), but this is not our main goal. Our main goal is to help you write for your customers, not for search robots.

Here is a list of 8 business blogging tips to consider

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