Email click-through rate|What is it and 14 ways to improve it



Email click-through rate

Email click-through rate comes first when you measure your email campaign effectiveness, nevertheless for many marketers,  it seems to be the most challenging attribute.

Your email click-through rate indicates how many of your audience find your email content useful to the extent that they click the links and calls to action in your email and continue the communication on your website or landing page.

To achieve that goal I’m listing below

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Email marketing to healthcare professionals | 10 Tips to Writing Healthcare Emails 


email marketing healthcare

Why email marketing to healthcare professionals? With the traditional medical rep model losing its impact, and economic changes eroding profits, pharmaceutical companies are looking for more cost-effective channels to communicate with, engage and serve their clients. This is where email marketing as a key digital marketing tool rises as an effective option. Although email has been around for more than 40 years, it still has the best ROI among other digital marketing tools. So as a pharma marketer it makes perfect sense to try to get the best out of this channel.

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8 problems with email marketing to healthcare professionals


email marketing problems

Marketing to HCPs (Healthcare professionals) has always been a challenge. They are among the busiest professionals, and they don’t care about stuff that is not very specific to their needs.

One of the marketing tools that still outperform others and can help you communicate with this difficult to reach audience is email marketing. Email marketing gives you full control. Since you own your lists, there is no risk of losing your audience due to Google SEO changes or Facebook algorithm changes.

But if your email marketing to HCPs is not getting the results you want, you may be committing one or more of these email marketing mistakes:

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