9 Content promotion tactics using social media


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Hitting the publish button is probably one of the most satisfying moments for all bloggers and online marketers. You have paid your dues, you researched, gathered, edited and fine tuned your post. And finally, it’s time to spread your content to the world. Not so fast! Publishing your content is only the beginning of another more important phase; content promotion. Most successful digital marketers recommend spending as much time promoting content as writing it. And when it comes to content promotion, nothing beats social media where we spend more than a quarter of our online time. So how can you distribute your content using social media the right way? read my

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Effective social media plan|11 steps to a social media plan that works


social media plan

As a marketer, you believe in the motto ” if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Yet when it comes to social media, you may focus on details and tactics and forget the big picture, the strategy. Well, it’s time to change that.  From now on, you will start with a social media plan. Simply put, a successful social media plan highlights where you are now, where you want to be, the tools and tactics to get there, and how to measure your performance. To be effective, your social media plan should be focused and concise. A simple actionable plan is more effective than a big confusing one. With that in mind here are my

11 steps to an effective social media plan

1.Start with a mission statement

For each social media platform, set a mission statement, e.g. our Facebook page will show the social and human side of our company and enable daily engagement with our customers. This way, when you get in the thick of things you can check your mission statement and get back on track.

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Boost your Facebook organic reach and beat the new Facebook algorithm



facebook organic reach

Is Facebook organic reach one of the main arms of your marketing plan? You are not alone. But I have bad news for you. Facebook organic reach is getting harder and harder. You probably have seen the writing on the wall. According to a 2015  article in Adweek,  Facebook organic reach dropped to less than 3%. And the drop continues to increase each year. Starting 2017 businesses are finding it more difficult to reach their fans through their Facebook pages.

The guys at Facebook have a logic explanation.  With the tsunami of daily Facebook updates, it is impossible to show everything to users. So the new algorithm filters out a lot of the incoming updates including business pages updates. In return, the algorithm tries to increase updates from friends. This is the essence of Facebook after all. This means that having page likes is not enough anymore. As a matter of fact, the value of likes is declining every year. It is similar to currency depreciation or economic inflation.

While this explanation is logic, it is still a big problem for businesses who built their brands on strong Facebook presence.

So forget about buying page likes. Even spending too much time or money on getting likes is no longer the best use of your resources. But, what can you do to boost your organic Facebook reach against the odds of the new algorithms?

Here are a few strategies to boost facebook organic reach

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9 social media mistakes and how to avoid them



social media mistakes

Social media mistakes are common that is why social media can be considered a double-edged sword. Do it right and you have a very effective marketing weapon. Do it wrong and you may damage your reputation or at least throw your marketing budget down the drain. Consider also that Facebook organic reach is growing tougher. So here is a list of

9 social media mistakes and how to avoid them

Social media mistake #1: Not having a social media plan

This is probably one of the most common social media mistakes. Haphazard posts with no specific strategy, no clear editorial calendar, and no message focus lead to customer confusion. Your customers don’t know what you stand for or what to expect from you.

To avoid this, you should start with a clear social media plan. Pinpoint your target audience, write down your mission and communication objectives. Align your social media goals to your marketing goals. Document your editorial calendar with clear accountability of who should be doing what. Last but not least, extend your brand guidelines to include social media.

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