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Hitting the publish button is probably one of the most satisfying moments for all bloggers and online marketers. You have paid your dues, you researched, gathered, edited and fine tuned your post. And finally, it’s time to spread your content to the world. Not so fast! Publishing your content is only the beginning of another more important phase; content promotion. Most successful digital marketers recommend spending as much time promoting content as writing it. And when it comes to content promotion, nothing beats social media where we spend more than a quarter of our online time. So how can you distribute your content using social media the right way? read my

Content promotion through social media

1.Create multiple headlines

When sharing your posts on social media, don’t use the original headline, instead use a variation of the main headline containing the main keyword. This prevents your social post from competing with your original post. You might also test multiple titles to see what works best on which social media network.

2.Include visuals

It is well-known that posts containing visuals get better engagement rates than those without images. This is true for Facebook, twitter, and even LinkedIn. In addition, there are social media platforms that are mainly image sharing sites like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram.
That being said, you should take greater care of the images you use in your posts. This doesn’t only apply to the featured image, but also to the images you chose for each section of your post. You can also decide which pictures appear on which social media platform. Using different images on different platforms increases the shareability of your posts.

3.Start discussions

Social media thrive on discussions and human communication. Think of ways to use this. Even if you are in B2B, you can still use questions to engage your audience. Ask questions relevant to your topic. Ask for feedback, this way you don’t only spread your content, you are also doing a kind of targeted PR. Rather than skimming through your posts, questions grab your audiences’ attention and encourage them to respond.

4.Share your content at the right time

When it comes to the best sharing and engagement time, each social platform has its own sweet spot. Experiment to nail that time. In addition, some platforms help you with this decision through their tools as Facebook insights. Also, third-party services can help with this like followerwonk.

5.Post multiple times

Many studies show that posting multiple times increases the effectiveness of your posts. So, as part of your content promotion don’t shy away from reposting your content. But take care to change the titles and images of your posts, so that when someone sees the repost, he will be more inclined to check it out this time. Many users don’t see your posts the first time anyway, so reposting makes perfect sense.

6.Share on the right platform

Social media platforms were not created equal. Each platform caters to certain users and tells a different angle of the same story. So be deliberate with the selection of social media platforms. Use the best platform for your target audience and for the type of content you are sharing. In addition, you don’t need to be on all social media. Be where your audiences are.

7.Leverage your employees’  social communities

Your employees are already on social media, so why not use their presence to your brand’s advantage? Ask your employees to share relevant content to their social networks. Make sure to set clear sharing rules, though.

8.Use communities

There are many online communities like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, twitter chats, google plus circles, in addition to thousands or millions of specific forums. These are great platforms to spread your messages as they host homogenous audiences with specific interests. Being present and active on such platforms gives your content a big boost.

9.Use paid social media

Yes, you can use paid social media to promote your posts to appear in the news feed of a specific target audience. This is an effective tactic unlike purchasing likes or followers as some marketers sometimes do.


When it comes to content promotion, social media come first on efficacy and reach. Start incorporating those tools to promote your content and reap the benefits.

PS. If you have a success story concerning the use of social media to promote your content please share it in the comments below.

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