Email click-through rate|What is it and 14 ways to improve it



Email click-through rate

Email click-through rate comes first when you measure your email campaign effectiveness, nevertheless for many marketers,  it seems to be the most challenging attribute.

Your email click-through rate indicates how many of your audience find your email content useful to the extent that they click the links and calls to action in your email and continue the communication on your website or landing page.

To achieve that goal I’m listing below


14 ways to improve your email click-through rate

1.Segment your list

As always, segmentation comes first. Not only for click-through rate but for the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Why? Because segmentation helps you send the right content to the right audience.

If you are sending an email campaign to doctors and to patients, You can’t use the same language or the same level of details to both. The way to go then is to send two different emails, one for doctors and the other for patients.

2.Make it personal

Most marketers think of personalization as merely using the name of the recipient in the email, although it is a good start, personalization goes beyond that. Personalization uses other data about the recipient like job title, specialty, previous interactions to create relevant content to that specific person.

3.Offer targeted content

Now that you segmented your list and spoke personally to a specific individual, it is easier to write targeted content that addresses this person’s needs. You can offer him/her information or products he is interested in.

4.Use triggered email campaigns

Simply, triggered emails are triggered by certain actions from your audience, i.e. these emails respond to your audience. Triggered emails include auto response, confirmation emails, welcome emails. And the reason behind the effectiveness of such emails is because they are very timely and very relevant, they are sent when your audience is most interested in your business.

5.Write less copy

Readers rarely read the whole email message, so don’t fill your emails with fluff. Get to the point as quickly as possible before they get bored and delete your email.

6.Don’t distract your audience

Avoid the urge to include everything in your email. Don’t add a header containing your website’s navigation. Don’t include more than one offer. This will come easy if you ask yourself one simple question. “What do I want the recipient to do next”. If you want him/her to like your Facebook page, state that clearly and add a link to your Facebook page. If you want him to register for a scientific conference, add a link to the registration page on your website.

7.Make your email easy to scan

We are too busy to read the email word for word. What we usually do is scan through and hunt for interesting pieces of information. Make this easy for your audience by using bullet point lists, numbered lists, short sentences, and paragraphs and bolding important phrases, like the main problem or your offered solution.

8.Create urgency

Make it clear when your offer expires, or when your audience should take action.

9.Take care of your links

Links take your audience to the specific target for the next action. This is why you should pay special attention to them.

  • Make your links descriptive so that your audience knows what happens when they click the link. Avoid “click here”, it doesn’t tell your audience why they should click, or where they will be taken. Instead, use things like; “Register for the conference”, or ” Download the conference agenda here”.
  • Make the link pointed to the most specific part of your destination website if you say “Register for the conference ” and the link takes your audience to the homepage, your audience will be frustrated and probably will click away rather than look for the registration form.
  • Embed more links. Inserting the same link more than once was shown to increase click-through rate. Try inserting the link early in your email, then towards the end.

10.Make your email mobile friendly

It’s no secret that most people read their emails on their mobiles, so make it easy for them to read yours. One thing to take into consideration here is the fact that clicking a link on a mobile screen is not as easy as on desktop screens. To help your audience click the intended link rather than other links or text areas make the clickable link at least 45×60 pixels and include 10 to 20 pixels of space on each side.

11.Include social sharing

Emails with social sharing buttons get higher click-through rates. Even if the recipient is not interested in your email he might think of a friend or a colleague who is and is more likely to share the email with him giving your email more opportunities to reach your relevant audience.

12.Choose the right email frequency

if you send your emails too frequently you will bore your audience and eventually, they will probably opt out, on the other hand, if you email too infrequently they will forget about you. Strike the correct frequency and you can expect better email click-through rate.

But how can you tell the right mailing frequency? There are 2 ways; First, you can try different frequencies and see which one gives you the best results. A better way is to give your audience the freedom to choose the frequency suitable to them, by giving them alternative sending frequencies like every day, every week or every month. But don’t go below a full month, it will be too infrequent for your audience to stay engaged with you.


There are many more factors that can affect your email click-through rate like;

  • The length of your email
  • The type of content; photos, articles or cartoons
  • The formatting; text or HTML
  • The subject line

The best way to decide on each of these attributes is to try different alternatives with different segments of your audience and see what works.

14.Resend the same email

Sometimes some of your audience don’t open your email for being busy or not interested at that particular time, you can work around that by re-sending the same email, but make sure you don’t mass send. Filter out the ones who clicked through and resend to the rest of your list.

Email click-through rate is the most important factor second to email open rate. Follow the above checklist and you can expect much better performance.

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